The Easiest Way to Setup a Bitcoin Miner | FREE Guide.

How to setup a Bitcoin Miner?

setup a bitcoin miner

To set up a Bitcoin miner can be a tedious task. However, with a little time and effort, it can be easy to get the work done. As an alternative option, you can also purchase a cloud mining contract with Genesis Mining or Hashflare.

With the use of calculators and guide on internet, you can fulfill most of the work of the mining rig. If you have purchased the rig as an off the shelf product, it should be simple as choosing a mining pool to join and plugging it in. In case if your graphics card, FGPA or rig is not prepared to run then you require to do a few of the quick steps which might take a bit more time. 

Build a bitcoin miner steps below:

Step 1:

Make the download of the full Bitcoin client. This might take quite a few days depending on the speed of your download. 

 Step 2: 

After that, you require to download a few of the Bitcoin mining software. Otherwise the program that tells how to run your mining hardware.

Step 3: 

Select a mining pool or else you might end up with a long-time before solving your initial block.

If you bought a miner equipped with predefined methods of connecting to the network, the procedure can sometimes be complicated. With the Bitmain’s Antminer S17, S9 & S3, you should follow some difficult steps that are mostly to do with switching IP address protocols and defining IP addresses.

It can mean signing into your router to discover what address the miner has been logged in along with instructions assuming a top level of knowledge by the user with tons of basic information lost in translation. Miners like the SP10 and SP20 could be plugged into your router. After following five sets of clear and simple instructions, it can be run in five minutes.

You can buy a Bitcoin miner online from some trusted e-commerce websites where you can find quality and branded Bitcoin miners at affordable costs. 

build a Bitcoin miner

Another important way to buy a bitcoin miner

Some miners are equipped with their internal power supplies while some have to be purchased external PSU (Power Supply Units). These systems have to be purchased with the essential power to accord with that of the mining chips. It is also crucial to remember that you require to accomplish the circuit on standard PSU units even though this can look and sound scary or dangerous, but it is a very simple and low-risk operation. To build a Bitcoin miner, all you require to do is fulfill the circuit for the PSU that enables the electricity to flow.

You can make Bitcoin miner buy easy as you have to just take the biggest (24 pin connector) and apply a paperclip to any one of the black wires from the green wire. This way, you can complete the circuit and the PSU and it will get ready to switch on.