What is bitcoin and bitcoin zero knowledge proof?

bitcoin knowledge podcast To begin with, Bitcoin is a mode of transferring payment from one person to another. Generally, it is a kind of flow of digital currency through the computer medium. Thereby, there is no authorized body to handle these transactions. Therefore, only computers are connected to keep all the records.However, this is mathematical secure so nobody else except the owner of the address can transfer the funds. Thus, it is secure through a network of bitcoin. You must have the biticoin zero knowledge proof for further working.  

 Working process

bitcoin knowledge podcast

 Generally, a digital protocol used to share data between two parties. Thereby, without the use of any password and information which is linked with the transaction is known as zero-knowledge proof. Likewise, The bitcoin zeroknowledge proof is the same thing. Similarly, in bitcoin the transactions are done in the same way. Generally, only the person whom the exchange is made will know the details of that particular transaction. In conclusion, they are a hundred percent secure. 


Advantages of using Bitcoin

bitcoin knowledge podcast


User Self-governing 

The most important benefit of bitcoin is it is user autonomy. Furthermore, in theory, digital currencies are more autonomous than flat currencies over their own money. Subsequently, without dealing with an intermediary authority like government or bank, users can control their money expenditures. Therefore, bitcoin zeroknowledge proof is a perfect example of this. 



Hence, these purchases are completely discrete. Thus, Bitcoin transactions cannot be easily traced back to the user and his purchases will never be associated with his identity. Therefore, with each transaction, the anonymous bitcoin address will be changed automatically. We are not saying they are completely untraceable but comparatively to some traditional form of payment, they are less linked with personal identity. 


It is coequal 

Thereby, without the approval of any external source of authority, the bitcoin payment system completely peers to peer. Therefore, user can receive and send payment to or from anyone around the world on the network. Generally, at this point many of the bitcoin questions are self-answerable. 


Zero Banking Fee 


Bitcoin users are free from any kind of banking fees as their transactions are direct. Therefore, they do not have to pay any deposit fees. Similarly, no overdraft charge and no minimum balance fees will be charged. As a result, this gives bitcoin knowledge podcasts. Many known bodies have a debate on this regularly. 


For international payment very low transaction fee 


Ordinarily, it has no intermediary government or institution’s involvement. Therefore, inconvenience of typical authorization requirement and wait period is zero any transfer through this is very fast. 


Payment through mobile 


Usually Bitcoin users can do the transaction from anywhere just they need internet access. 




Because of its easy accessibility, it has many users. In short, it does not require the traditional way of banking and a lot of personal information also. 


In summary, Bitcoin is an easy and self-centralized way of transaction between the two users. Therefore, it is an easy and faster way of transactions. 


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