What is bitcoin and bitcoin zero knowledge proof?

bitcoin knowledge podcast To begin with, Bitcoin is a mode of transferring payment from one person to another. Generally, it is a kind of flow of digital currency through the computer medium. Thereby, there is no authorized body to handle these transactions. Therefore, only computers are connected to keep all the records.However, this is mathematical secure so nobody else except the owner of the address can transfer the funds. Thus, it is secure through a network of bitcoin. You must have the biticoin zero knowledge proof for further working.  

 Working process

bitcoin knowledge podcast

 Generally, a digital protocol used to share data between two parties. Thereby, without the use of any password and information which is linked with the transaction is known as zero-knowledge proof. Likewise, The bitcoin zeroknowledge proof is the same thing. Similarly, in bitcoin the transactions are done in the same way. Generally, only the person whom the exchange is made will know the details of that particular transaction. In conclusion, they are a hundred percent secure. 


Advantages of using Bitcoin

bitcoin knowledge podcast


User Self-governing 

The most important benefit of bitcoin is it is user autonomy. Furthermore, in theory, digital currencies are more autonomous than flat currencies over their own money. Subsequently, without dealing with an intermediary authority like government or bank, users can control their money expenditures. Therefore, bitcoin zeroknowledge proof is a perfect example of this. 



Hence, these purchases are completely discrete. Thus, Bitcoin transactions cannot be easily traced back to the user and his purchases will never be associated with his identity. Therefore, with each transaction, the anonymous bitcoin address will be changed automatically. We are not saying they are completely untraceable but comparatively to some traditional form of payment, they are less linked with personal identity. 


It is coequal 

Thereby, without the approval of any external source of authority, the bitcoin payment system completely peers to peer. Therefore, user can receive and send payment to or from anyone around the world on the network. Generally, at this point many of the bitcoin questions are self-answerable. 


Zero Banking Fee 


Bitcoin users are free from any kind of banking fees as their transactions are direct. Therefore, they do not have to pay any deposit fees. Similarly, no overdraft charge and no minimum balance fees will be charged. As a result, this gives bitcoin knowledge podcasts. Many known bodies have a debate on this regularly. 


For international payment very low transaction fee 


Ordinarily, it has no intermediary government or institution’s involvement. Therefore, inconvenience of typical authorization requirement and wait period is zero any transfer through this is very fast. 


Payment through mobile 


Usually Bitcoin users can do the transaction from anywhere just they need internet access. 




Because of its easy accessibility, it has many users. In short, it does not require the traditional way of banking and a lot of personal information also. 


In summary, Bitcoin is an easy and self-centralized way of transaction between the two users. Therefore, it is an easy and faster way of transactions. 


Procedure to claim and sell the king and queen

Procedure to claim and sell the king and queen

Generally, the bitcoin king and bitcoin queen is the network that functions for the transactions of the bitcoin. Basically these help for the transaction of the bitcoin more safely and securely.  

After all this software is standard and of the best quality in the bitcoin ecosystem. Generally the bitcoin king focuses on the security. Therefore it also focuses on the entire transactions of the bitcoin owners and accepts the solution for the software.  

What is bitcoin coin and bitcoin queen?

Generally this is the most reliable and trusted platform for the entire decentralized applications. Basically bitcoin is the king and queen of the digital currency. After all the bitcoin is the only mover in the whole space of the crypto. Moreover bitcoin king is the secure network that maintains the network of the cryptocurrency.  

Security level of the bitcoin king and bitcoin queen app 

Generally the entire transaction of the bitcoin is transacted with the network for the security. Basically the bitcoin is the future of the digital currency. After all bitcoin king and queen are software for the entire transaction of the bitcoin coins with the high level of the transaction in every security.  

Sharing of the bitcoin king and bitcoin queen coins 

Generally this is trustable and reliable software for the en tire bitcoin transaction with the entire essential functions. Basically bitcoin king is the software enhances the quality of the transaction. Therefore this also marks the quality in the process of the transaction of the bitcoin.  

After all there are lots of the digital currency procedures for the transaction of the bitcoin. However the bitcoin queen guarantees the security level of the entire transaction. Therefore it is helpful in the entire digital currency projects. 

Consideration for the bitcoin king and bitcoin queen

Generally moving the bitcoin king and bitcoin queen block chain is able to save the entire value of the bitcoin address. Basically the bitcoin queen has the support of the numbered and script conditioning.  

After the entire bitcoin king is the most used and reliable solution for the entire software project of the bitcoin. However the bitcoin queen is required by the developers of the software in the process of the entire project.  

Selling of the bitcoin king and bitcoin queen

1.      You can sell  

Generally the software tracks down the exchange of the entire bitcoin. Basically this helps the customer to trade and deposit. Therefore in the coins and offers the entire features to the customer. Therefore currently the awareness of the exchange is zero for the trade and deposit of the bitcoin king and bitcoin queen.  

2.      Sell to an OTC broker 

Generally for selling the bitcoin king and bitcoin queen to an OTC broker you have to do some efforts. After all you have to find the trustable broker to sell the bitcoin king and queen. Moreover many of the brokers are able to buy the bitcoin coin, king, and queen. Basically these broker then after sell to the millionaires.  


Generally the bitcoin king and bitcoin queen are mast trusted. Moreover this is also reliable software for the entire transaction of the bitcoin coins. Therefore it is also helpful for the trading and depositing the bitcoin coins. 


Predication of the bitcoin 2020 and upcoming five years

Predication of the bitcoin 2020 and upcoming five years

bitcoinBitcoin is experiencing a lot of the fluctuation in the present days; this is the main trouble of the traders with the hesitation for investing their money in the bitcoin. Basically, the Bitcoin outlook 2020 is the crypto money that is receiving the attention, adaptation, and awareness in the entire world with lots of popularity. 

Generally, the bitcoin is the process through which you can invest the money in the trading market of investment. After all, the price of the bitcoin changes hourly which you can check on your device without any troubles on any of the sites.  

Bitcoin outlook 2020 for the next five years 

Generally, we have to know that bitcoin is experiencing the volatile market condition in the entire world. However, the prediction of bitcoin outlook 2020 is marked with the expert capitalist. Therefore the experts believe that the cryptocurrency with grows in the market of the virtual money. Basically According to the bitcoin outlook 2020, the attention of the bitcoin is directly proportional to the increase of the price. Moreover, the bitcoin 2020 conference and event are going to take place at the beginning of this current year. 

Bitcoin outlook 2020 according to the renowned capitalist 

bitcoinHowever the venture capitalist in the world is marking the hike in the bitcoin price that will happen in late 2020. Generally, the bitcoin outlook 2020 is the prospect of the BTC future. Therefore in many of the countries, the price of the bitcoin is on the rise. However, in the mid and late of 2020, the bitcoin 2020 conference and event are going to take place in many of the countries. 

Moreover, there will be an unexpected growth in the cryptocurrency in the upcoming five years. Therefore the bitcoin will be acceptable in many of the regions with many hikes in the growth of the bitcoin. Basically, by 2025, the bitcoin value will be most powerful in the matter of the currency. And the real-time case of the bitcoin will hike to a higher level.  

Bitcoin 2020 conference and events 

Basically, for the community of the bitcoin and trading investors, there is going to the exciting year in the mid and late of 2020. In this high technology day, the bitcoin outlook 2020 is marking the bitcoin community and conducting many of the conferences and events throughout the world. Generally, the bitcoin 2020 conference will emerge with the new technology and growth in the currency.  

However, the bitcoin 2020 conference will take place in many of the countries like London, Istanbul, Paris, Austria, Amsterdam, and many more. Basically, it will mark the important attention in the world of trading with lots of attention to the bitcoin. After all the bitcoin is the future currency of the world. Moreover, these conferences will focus on the blockchain of bitcoin with the predication from the leading capitalist and experts. 



Generally Bitcoin 2020 conference is going to decide the Bitcoin outlook 2020 and predication for the next five upcoming years. Hence the bitcoin is the main currency in the world of trading.  

Bitcoin yearly candle chart- Know how to read it

Bitcoin yearly candle chart- Know how to read it

Are you going to invest in bitcoins? Then you might have heard about bitcoin yearly candle chart and experts on different websites suggest you read it. So, what are these charts and how to read it? However, they are nothing but a market chart for bitcoin that informs you about the value of bitcoins at present. And if you have been in the share market then understanding it is easy. On the other hand, if you are a total newbie then you need our help. 

Bitcoin candle chart- what is it? 

bitcoin yearly candle chartBitcoin yearly candles are a chart that provides you insight about the movements of bitcoin in the coin market. It helps you know the market value of bitcoin. As a result, you can easily decide when you should buy or sell them. It is better to buy when the price is low and sell when it is high.  

However, there are more advanced charts that will give you more insights into the bitcoin market. And bitcoin yearly candle chart is one among them. Read more about them here. 

About bitcoin yearly candle chart 

The price looking chart is nothing but a line graph. Moreover, there are two axes on which it is made. The x-axis tells you time and the y-axis tells you the price of bitcoin during that time. Usually, time is mentioned in years. However, there are charts on the day, week, and monthly basis. As it gives you a snapshot view about the digital currency world letting you know what is going up-trend and what down-trend is. And depending upon what you can decide about the investment strategy.  

Also, there is a specific date range that lets you know about the specific movement.  

A more complex view of bitcoin yearly candle chart 

bitcoin yearly candle chartHowever, you need to know more knowledge other than the end price on a particular date. This information includes the price movement from high to low during the day. Here is a brief about what different features of bitcoin yearly candles say about the bitcoin price.  


The color of the bar can be either red or green. However, the red color shows the lower price on which the coin closed on that day. On the other hand, a green bar shows that the price on which bitcoin closed for a day was higher.  

The line  

Luckily, understanding the chart is easy with this line which represents the low and high price. And a line going downward indicates a decrease in price and the upward line shows a rise in price.  

Shaded portion  

Moreover, there is a shaded portion on the bar that gives you valuable information about price opening and closing.  

Bitcoin investment is more than checking the bitcoin yearly candle chart 

bitcoinSo, if you think that seeing the price variation on the chart is enough then you are wrong. You need to know about variables like how much to invest, personal risk tolerance, and on what kind of digital currency to invest.  

Therefore, research carefully before making bitcoin investment and avoid relying on single information. But some of the price charts may give you inaccurate information. Moreover, reading them incorrectly also leads to the failure of the investment. 

The Easiest Way to Setup a Bitcoin Miner | FREE Guide

The Easiest Way to Setup a Bitcoin Miner | FREE Guide.

How to setup a Bitcoin Miner?

setup a bitcoin miner

To set up a Bitcoin miner can be a tedious task. However, with a little time and effort, it can be easy to get the work done. As an alternative option, you can also purchase a cloud mining contract with Genesis Mining or Hashflare.

With the use of calculators and guide on internet, you can fulfill most of the work of the mining rig. If you have purchased the rig as an off the shelf product, it should be simple as choosing a mining pool to join and plugging it in. In case if your graphics card, FGPA or rig is not prepared to run then you require to do a few of the quick steps which might take a bit more time. 

Build a bitcoin miner steps below:

Step 1:

Make the download of the full Bitcoin client. This might take quite a few days depending on the speed of your download. 

 Step 2: 

After that, you require to download a few of the Bitcoin mining software. Otherwise the program that tells how to run your mining hardware.

Step 3: 

Select a mining pool or else you might end up with a long-time before solving your initial block.

If you bought a miner equipped with predefined methods of connecting to the network, the procedure can sometimes be complicated. With the Bitmain’s Antminer S17, S9 & S3, you should follow some difficult steps that are mostly to do with switching IP address protocols and defining IP addresses.

It can mean signing into your router to discover what address the miner has been logged in along with instructions assuming a top level of knowledge by the user with tons of basic information lost in translation. Miners like the SP10 and SP20 could be plugged into your router. After following five sets of clear and simple instructions, it can be run in five minutes.

You can buy a Bitcoin miner online from some trusted e-commerce websites where you can find quality and branded Bitcoin miners at affordable costs. 

build a Bitcoin miner

Another important way to buy a bitcoin miner

Some miners are equipped with their internal power supplies while some have to be purchased external PSU (Power Supply Units). These systems have to be purchased with the essential power to accord with that of the mining chips. It is also crucial to remember that you require to accomplish the circuit on standard PSU units even though this can look and sound scary or dangerous, but it is a very simple and low-risk operation. To build a Bitcoin miner, all you require to do is fulfill the circuit for the PSU that enables the electricity to flow.

You can make Bitcoin miner buy easy as you have to just take the biggest (24 pin connector) and apply a paperclip to any one of the black wires from the green wire. This way, you can complete the circuit and the PSU and it will get ready to switch on.